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Most Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays we sell from our commissary Kitchen 519 in Belmont. You can visit us there or order online for delivery or pickup.

Check out our schedule below to find out where we'll be each week.


Our Food

Our pandesalwiches are served in an oversized, warm, and toasty pandesal, a traditional Filipino bread roll that is soft, buttery, and slightly sweet. They make for a satisfying meal especially when accompanied by a side of our kamote chips and a refreshing can of mango or guava juice. Those flavors will have you daydreaming of the islands in no time!

Pork Longganisa Pan

Home-made longganisa (sweet pork sausage) patty topped with fried egg, tomatoes, and scallions slathered with mayonnaise

Impossible Longganisa Pan

Home-made longganisa patty made with Impossible Beef topped with fried egg, tomato, and scallions slathered with mayonnaise

Spamsilog Pan

Grilled spam, garlic toasted pinipig (rice crispies), banana ketchup, mayonnaise, green onions and a fried egg.

Bistek Burger Pan

Calamansi citrus beef patty topped with sauteed onions, tomatoes, spinach, and house Meryenda Sauce (a garlic citrus umami bomb aioli)

Chicken Adobo Pan

Braised chicken adobo topped with tomatoes, scallions, and fried onion string slathered with our calamansi citrus aioli

Kamote Chips (Sweet Potato Chips)

Handemade kamote chips lightly seasoned with salt. Throw them into your sandwich for added crunch!

Buko Pandan Bread Pudding

Coconut and pandan bread pudding. Made with pandesal. Topped with coconut caramel and toasted coconut.

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Pandesal with Cheese and Coffee


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Order Pickup or Delivery

Only when at Kitchen 519 (Belmont)


Our Story

Welcome to Meryenda! We've crafted a menu inspired by Filipino comfort food faves and transformed into tasty handheld meals that you can eat on-the-go or savor slowly.

Meryenda is a pan-Latin word that simply means morning or afternoon snack, but it is always more satisfying than that, just like our sandwiches.  

Meryenda is that sense of comfort, satisfaction, and kinship. Our goal is to give you the same sense of happiness we get from a good meryenda.

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